31DC2013 Sum up post

Anyone mind some nail art overload? This is my sum up post of everything that went into the 31 Day Challenge 2013. I've marked which manicures are my favourites by the links but had a hard time narrowing my choices down! Do you agree with my picks or do you like something else more?
Day 1 Red nails
Day 2 Orange nails
Day 3 Yellow nails - personal favourite, I really like the simplicity of the accent nail.
Day 4 Green nails
Day 5 Blue nails
Day 6 Violet nails

Day 7 Black and white
Day 8 Metallic nails
Day 9 Rainbow nails - personal favourite, loved this gradient.
Day 10 Gradient nails
Day 11 Polka dots nails
Day 12 Striped nails - personal favourite, the interesting colour combination (new for me) is sophisticated yet edgy.
Day 13 Animal prints
Day 14 Flower nails
Day 15 Delicate print
Day 16 Tribal print
Day 17 Glitter nails - personal favourite, love the technique of working with dried up polish and cutting it into shapes.
Day 18 Half moon nails 
Day 19 Galaxy nails
Day 20 Water marble
Day 21 Inspired by a colour 
Day 22 Inspired by a song
Day 23 Inspired by a movie - personal favourite, this manicure took forever to complete but I find the end result really pleasing.
Day 24 Inspired by a book
Day 25 Inspired by fashion
Day 26 Inspired by a pattern
Day 27 Inspired by art
Day 28 Inspired by a flag 
Day 29 Inspired by the supernatural - personal favourite, probably mostly because I love this stamp from Messy Mansion! So pretty.
Day 30 Inspired by a tutorial - personal favourite, the colours worked so well together.
Day 31 Honor nails - personal favourite, I really like this use of caviar beads.

På svenska:
Någon som har något emot lite extra nail art? Detta är min summering av allting jag visat under den stora 31-dagarsutmaningen. Jag har markerat vilka mina favoriter är bredvid länkarna men hade problem med att begränsa urvalet. Håller du med mig i mina val eller gillar du något annat mer?


  1. De är ju fantastiskt fina allihop! Men om jag ska välja tre favoriter blir det, 9 regnbågen, 10 prickiga gradienten och 31 hjärtat är ju superfint och jag gillar färgkombinationen också!


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