Year in Review - 2018

I'm starting off the new year with the annual retrospect of favourite manicures of last year.
Collage - best manicures of 2018

As always, I will divide this post into three parts: 
  • Part one features the three posts that have received the most comments from you who read my blog. Thank you so much for doing so and especially when you take the time to comment! 
  • The second three are picked by my favourite everything S, he often enjoys different things from myself so it's always fun getting his take on the year.
  • The final three are my personal favourites.

If below nail art is not enough for you, you can easily see all the manicures I posted in 2018 on Pinterest. I've been pretty regular trying to post twice weekly but had a bit of a summer break so landed on 88 manicures this year. If you are curious about my previous summaries, you find them here2017201620152014 and finally 2013

Reader's Favourites (click image to go to original post)

This year has seen a drop in both post views as well as comments here on May Contain Traces of Polish (something I gather is also happening in other blogs as people are moving to new and quicker social media). An extra thank you to you for continuing to read and sometimes comment, it is much more fun for me when there is feedback! 
I still really like the blog format and will continue to publish semi-regularly also in the new year.

First up we have some striking orchid nails.

I remember struggling with this folklore bird nail art so much but I'm glad it was well liked! It took forever to get the stamping to look decent and I redid all nails multiple times.

Thirdly we have another stamped look from the beginning of 2018. If I remember correctly also this one caused me some pain to get in place as the thin stems of the hearts dried while I was filling them in and didn't transfer well.

Favourites of S (click image to go to original post)

A bit surprised that S fell for this floral look but he really liked the translucent effect so I'm happy to add it to the list this year.

I'm glad S liked this abstract landscape as much as I did. 

Third favourite of S and quite fittingly a manicure inspired by Harry Potter. We just finished a marathon watching all 8 movies the other night and are also on the final chapters of the last book.

My Personal Favourites (click image to go to original post)

I did quite a few swirl marbles this year. This was one of my first and still a favourite. How perfect is that green KIKO by the way?

Second favourite is an abstract floral for the 31 Day Challenge. After some debate I picked this over the lavender look but I very much liked both of them!

Last but not least a Christmas design. This ended up so great with the brown holo base and the green mistletoe design on top.

På svenska:
Jag har bara översatt den inledande texten och inte den som ligger vid varje bild, hoppas det är okej! Jag inleder året med det årliga inlägget med favoritmanikyrer från det gångna året. Som vanligt så delar jag in dessa i tre grupper: 

  • De tre inlägg som fått flest kommentarer från mina underbara läsare. Jag vill verkligen tacka dig som läser och tar dig tid att kommentera, det betyder väldigt mycket för mig!
  • Sen kommer S favoritmanikyrer. Jag gillar att inkludera hans favoriter för att de ofta skiljer sig mycket från mina.
  • De sista tre manikyrerna är de jag själv gillar mycket.

Om manikyrerna ovan inte är tillräckliga för dig så kan du enkelt spana in alla manikyrer jag publicerat under 2018 på Pinterest. Jag har försökt hålla mig till mina två inlägg i veckan men det blev bland annat ett litet sommarlov så totalen för året landar på 88 manikyrer. Om du är nyfiken på tidigare års sammanställningar så har jag dem här: 2017201620152014 och slutligen 2013


  1. Du gör alltid så underbara nail arts! Jag gillar verkligen din stil :)

    1. Tack så mycket snälla Ina! Detsamma får jag säga, älskar din stil!


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