31 Day Challenge 2014, Sum up post

Anyone mind some nail art overload? This is my sum up post of everything that went into the 31 Day Challenge 2014. I've marked which manicures are my favourites by the links but had a hard time deciding which looks I preferred! 

Do you agree with my picks or do you like something else more?
Day 1, red glitter jelly sandwich
Day 2, orange nimbus nails
Day 3, yellow bee nails
Day 4, green accent nails
Day 5, blue stamping decals, personal favourite, loved wearing this look
Day 6, matte violet nails
Day 7, black and white nails
Day 8, metallic nails
Day 9, pinwheel nails, personal favourite, this matte look is just so much fun
Day 10, gradient nails, personal favourite, how gorgeous are these KIKO polishes?
Day 11, delicate pink nails
Day 12, green fishtail, personal favourite, mainly because I feel like I've not seen this before
Day 13, miniature animal print
Day 14, green quick flowers
Day 15, delicate print
Day 16, over the top fall nails
Day 17, easy striped look
Day 18, half moon decals
Day 19, bubbly galaxy nails
Day 20, perfect water marble look, personal favourite, best water marble in ages!
Day 21, green look
Day 22, under the sea nails
Day 23, fairy tail nails
Day 24, inspired by Hyperbole and a Half, personal favourite, not the prettiest perhaps but I loved being able to fit this look in
Day 25, green giggly hearts, personal favourite, I wish I had worn this longer than I did
Day 26, chevron look
Day 27, pointillism nails
Day 28, water spotted flag
Day 29, patchwork nails
Day 30, textured stars, personal favourite, that shade of copper is just gorgeous!
Day 31, pink mermaid nails

This is my sum up post from last year. I still like many of those manicures but still feel like I've improved in the last year ^-^.

På svenska:
Någon som har något emot lite extra nail art? Detta är min summering av allting jag visat under den stora 31-dagarsutmaningen. Jag har markerat vilka mina favoriter är bredvid länkarna men hade problem med att begränsa urvalet. Håller du med mig i mina val eller gillar du något annat mer?

Här är mitt summeringsinlägg från förra året också. Jag gillar många av de manikyrerna än men tycker också att jag blivit bättre på många tekniker under det gångna året ^-^.


  1. Lovely manicures, congrats!

    1. Thank you! I'm certainly glad to have completed the challenge and be back to just painting my nails when I feel like :)

  2. Så mycket snyggt :)


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