31 Day Challenge 2018: Summary post

Now it's time for the 31 Day Challenge summary post! I really enjoy looking back at each year's challenge as both a display of my own development and as a review of the times if you will. By that I mean that there are many nail art trends that come and go, and usually in the challenge you will see that being reflected, such as negative space design, advanced stamping, dotticures and more. This year I did two swirl marble designs, and for me that is definitely a 2018 trend.

You find my previous challenge summaries here: 2017, 201620152014 and 2013
31 Day Challenge: All nail art summary post
Day 1, Red Nails, starting off the challenge with a floral
Day 2, Orange Nails
Day 3, Yellow Nails
31 Day Challenge: All nail art summary post
Day 4, Green Nails, the colours in this manicure really married so well
Day 5, Blue Nails, I really love this coral and blue swirl marble design
Day 6, Violet Nails, not to mention how much I liked this lavender look!
Day 7, Black and White Nails, this reciprocal gradient got a lot of likes on Instagram and I can see why
31 Day Challenge: All nail art summary post
Day 8, Metallic Nails
Day 9, Rainbow Nails
Day 10, Gradient Nails, I love how this circular gradient came out
Day 11, Polka Dots, this was another look that I really liked
31 Day Challenge: All nail art summary post
Day 12, Stripes
Day 13, Animal Print
Day 14, Flowers
Day 15, Delicate Print, this painting style poppy design is another one of my favourites
31 Day Challenge: All nail art summary post
Day 16, Geometric Nails
Day 17, Glitter Nails
Day 18, Half Moon Nails
Day 19, Galaxy Nails, this classic galaxy look was a pleasure to wear
31 Day Challenge: All nail art summary post
Day 20, Water Marble Nails, whoever invented this technique is a genious! So much fun
Day 21, Inspired by a Colour
Day 22, Inspired by a Song
Day 23, Inspired by a Movie
31 Day Challenge: All nail art summary post
Day 24, Inspired by a Book
Day 25, Inspired by Fashion
Day 26, Inspired by a Pattern
Day 27, Inspired by Artwork, the original artwork has so much nail art potential
31 Day Challenge: All nail art summary post
Day 28, Inspired by a Flag, I like the manicure but I don't think flags is what comes to mind ^-^.
Day 29, Inspired by the Supernatural
Day 30, Inspired by a Tutorial
Day 31, Honor Nails You Love, this design is hard to miss and just up my alley!

I hope you enjoyed this years spread of designs in the challenge. Based on how few participants there were this year (towards the end only 5 in the InLinkz), we will see if the challenge returns also next year.

På svenska:
Nu är det dags att summera den stora utmaningen. Jag tycker alltid det är roligt att se tillbaka på varje års manikyrer, både för att se på min egen utveckling men också som ett litet tidsdokument. Med det menar jag att det ändå finns så många trender inom nagelkonsten som kommer och går och vanligen ser man i utmaningen vilka de är för tillfället. Det har tidigare varit en hel del negative space, avancerad stämpling och längre tillbaka också prickar. I år blev det två manikyrer på temat swirl marble och det är för mig verkligen en 2018-trend.

Du hittar mina tidigare summeringar från tidigare utmaningen här: 2017, 201620152014 och 2013. Jag hoppas att du gillat årets manikyrer. Baserat på hur pass få deltagare det varit i utmaningen i år (fram mot slutet endast 5 personer) så är det kanske tveksamt om det blir något nästa år men vi får väl se.


  1. Great post! I sincerely hope that the challenge will continue. It provides inspiration for new artists and allows those of us who lack the creativity of the participants, to have something to guide us. I realize that you invest a great deal of time and effort, and I want to thank you. Please know that you and your art are greatly appreciated. Cathy.


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