31 Day Challenge 2016: Summary

I love doing a summary of all the manicure for the 31 Day Challenge. It's such a good way to see all the looks in one place and also remind yourself of some of the manis you already forgot about! Here is my list for 2016, I've made comments by the links for the manicures I have as favourites this year. Do you agree with my selection?

To see what I did previous years, check out my summaries for 2015, 2014 and 2013.
Day 1, Red nails
Day 2, Orange nails - this splatter look turned out much better than I could've ever hoped. I really like the contrast between the patterns and the colours!
Day 3, Yellow nails
Day 4, Green nails - this manicure was just extra wearable somehow. I really liked it!
Day 5, Blue nails
Day 6, Violet nails
Day 7, Black and White nails
Day 8, Metallic nails
Day 9, Rainbow nails
Day 10, Gradient nails
Day 11, Polka Dots
Day 12, Stripes
Day 13, Animal Print
Day 14, Flowers - I'm super surprised I managed to draw these lavender nails! They turned out really good!
Day 15, Detail print - There was just something special about this colour combination.
Day 16, Geometric nails
Day 17, Glitter nails
Day 18, Half moons
Day 19, Galaxy nails - I really didn't think this would end up nice, but my creme galaxy nails were really bright and fun while still resembling galaxies!
Day 20, Water marble
Day 21, Inspired by a Colour
Day 22, Inspired by a Song
Day 23, Inspired by a Movie - This is another mani that turned out better than I thought it would. I'm quite apprehensive about my freehanding skills so this was pushing its limits a bit. Glad it worked out!
Day 24, Inspired by a Book
Day 25, Inspired by Fashion 
Day 26, Inspired by a Pattern
Day 27, Inspired by Artwork - Despite complaining about the art prompt being difficult, I managed to create a design I really like. It's so bold and eye catching!
Day 28, Inspired by a Flag
Day 29, Inspired by the Supernatural - This polish by Bow is probably my best purchase all year! So much fun.
Day 30, Inspired by a Tutorial
Day 31, Honor Nails

På svenska:
Jag älskar att göra sammanfattningen för den stora utmaningen varje år. Det är ett så bra sätt att se alla manikyrer samlade och också påminna sig om några man kansk redan glömt bort! Här är alltås min lista för 2016. Jag har kommenterat bredvid länkarna för de manikyrer som jag själv gillar bäst i år. Håller du med i mitt urval?

För att se sammanfattningarna från föregående år så har du dem här för 20152014 och 2013.


I really appreciate all comments and feedback received. If you feel like it, do leave a comment :)